So. Much. To. Do.

Have you ever had those days, weeks, months, or an entire life where you have so much to do but you don’t know where to start – so you end up not doing anything productive?

That’s me, today. I’m super overwhelmed with all of my impending tasks. It’s times like these that I wish I could give my to-dos to someone else to do. But, no. That’s not going to happen.

I have clean laundry that’s been sitting there in my hamper just waiting to be folded… Since last Saturday.

I have grocery shopping that needs to be done (I think I’ve had Subway three times this week).

I need to read The Hunger Games, and also every other book on my bookshelf.

I would like to be done with my apartment search. Trying to find an apartment in this city is proving more difficult than I remember it being. I’ve looked almost every day since I decided I was moving, and though I have time, it still would be nice to have it figured out. Instead, my future is uncertain, and I’m faced with the possibility that I might have to live in a place that has a dishwasher but also CARPET and my mind is screaming WHHHHYYYYY like Nancy Kerrigan over and over again.

My only solace is that somehow, some way, these things will be worked out because I’ll get so frustrated (read: time will start to dwindle), I’ll start whirlwind-ing through tasks and getting them done. I really hope I don’t have to live in a place with carpet, though, because that makes me sad.

51 Responses to “So. Much. To. Do.”

  1. Erica

    I started reading The Hunger Games the other day, and now nothing is getting done until I am finished with all three books!

  2. Hannah Goering

    Have you tried using padmapper to locate a new place? We’ve used it and you can do a really powerful search on it.

    I can so relate to getting nothing done when being overwhelmed by a ridiculous amt of work… during finals in college I was notorious for cleaning my dorm room until 3 in the morning… because I could.

  3. amanda

    I’ve never heard of padmapper. Will definitely check it out. Thanks Hannah!
    Definitely can relate to procrastination techniques ESPECIALLY in college. Sadly, I think my adult life has retained some of that. :)

  4. Anna banana (@annaban)

    Oh my. I could really relate to this post. Oh but we do mean to do those tasks it’s just that… something else happened. I saw an elephant fly. My sister’s pet got abducted by aliens. Channign Tatum just asked me out… You know. Ordinary things keep getting in the way f mundane tasks ;)

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