Sake? I’ll Pass.

Just got home from a sake tasting with the CheekyChicago girls.

I’ve only tried sake once, in Texas, and it was not my favorite. It turns out that it still is not my favorite. Doesn’t matter what grade it is, either. We sipped from the lowest grade to the highest, and in my opinion, it just got worse the higher we went. Unlike vodka, which when it’s really cheap tastes like rubbing alcohol, expensive premium sake tastes like premium rubbing alcohol.

For the first time in days, I do not have a book to read. I read the second installment of Fifty Shades, and I am still lukewarm about it. I found, strangely, that I missed having something to lose my hours to, BUT! I get paid tomorrow. So after I pay some bills, maybe I’ll splurge on some book I’ll look at once and never read.

Have a good night, everyone. If  you’re drinking, choose something good. :)

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    I go through books in bursts and usually can’t afford to go to the local book store and buy 4 or 5 to have on hand at any one time. One thing I found to be pretty useful is the local thrift store. Not sure if you go to any, but if not you should. Hard backs around here run from $0.50-2.00 and paperbacks about half that. Usually a pretty good selection, and I don’t feel bad buying a book that just “looks interesting.”

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