People Who Need People.

Hi. My name’s Amanda. This post is brought to you by my friend Corona*, which has been sitting in my fridge since my sister visited…. uh, in December? And tonight, I had 152 calories left, so I pretty much just threw caution to the wind and decided to have a beer.

Because I’m awesome.

You know what else I am? Needy. You know who knows I’m needy? Anyone I’ve ever interacted with. You know when I’m not needy? When I decide I hate people and want to do everything myself. You know when that stops? When someone becomes interested in me, and I let myself become hooked (see yesterday’s post).

Why does this happen? Well, Beattie says that this pattern is a matter of unfinished business. Somewhere, needs were unmet. Somehow, we convinced ourselves that we were unlovable. Wa waaaah.

Well then. All I have to say is, STFU unfinished business. Figure yourself out, unmet needs. You’re loveable (HOLLA!), goddamnit.

(Can we put this on a poster?)

*Lest you believe that I am a lightweight, I assure you that if I was d-runk I would not be able to type very well. But, even the mention of alcohol is an excuse to be halfhearted. Truth be told, this is a sore subject for me and I’m not truly ready to deal. All is easier said (or written) than done. Hopefully, someday, I’ll believe myself. Until then, have yourselves a merry little cocktail.


401 Responses to “People Who Need People.”

  1. Jan Simson

    Stop wasting time and put that on a poster! Nice post. I should make myself a merry little cocktail, just for the hell of it. Cheers.

  2. glenn147

    Speaking as someone Who has Spent over Half his Life Dancing with Alcohol. I can a sure you that we all need someone in our lives. And we all feel that no one Loves Us. And people tend to go to the Last thing that made them Feel Good when they are Hurting….Keep up the posting It Helps, lots of Luck. Glenn

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