Pampering is an ugly word.

I just don’t like it! But there’s really no other word to describe how I spent my day off. I spent a whole lot of money but I took care of my body with superficial services!

I started my day off right with a wax. I told my esthetician that my 15-year-old sister was trying to set me up with her biology teacher, and she said, “It could be worse. My friend’s 8-year-old niece tried to set her up with someone who turned out to be a prison convict.” Word to the wise, ladies. Apparently, it really could always be worse.

I got that deep tissue massage, and it hurt like a bitch. The masseuse told me that – because of my extremely tight muscles – I’d be any massage therapist’s dream. She also said I had extremely nice, toned muscles. I guess that’s what happens when you run sometimes. Who knew? She suggested that, because I’ll be starting the marathon training soon, I might want to look into getting massages more frequently. My budget disagrees.

I then rushed to piano lessons, where I spent about 10 minutes in the hallway downing peanuts and Skittles because I was starving. Then, I spent more time talking to my teacher about fitness than actually practicing anything. Sometimes, talking is necessary.

After that, I stopped by my shoe store and got new running shoes. I once again thoroughly perplexed my salesperson because one foot is wider than the other, and one foot is longer than the other. He had me try on three different pairs of shoes and run from one lamp post to the other, so I’m pretty sure I got my running in for the day. I went with Mizuno Nirvana 8’s, which feel really stable, but the downside is that they’re pink. I know I have a vagina and all, but pink is not my thing. Before the marathon season is over, I’ll probably have new running shoes, so I think I can stand the color for 5 months.

I was supposed to go see an apartment, but opted for dinner with my mom instead. She told me that when I was a baby I always smiled when I woke up. I found myself wondering why more adults don’t smile when they wake. It might make everyone’s day a little brighter. She also asked me if I read any of those vampire books, and I thought she meant Twilight, which made me wonder how she knew about Twilight, but she was actually talking about Interview with A Vampire and said that I should read that. (For the record, I don’t intend on reading the Twilight series.)

And lastly, I haphazardly got my nails done. I’ve ruined my fingers from the time I left to the time I got home (about 3 blocks), but that’s to be expected, and I walked home in disposable flip flops which I’m sure were good for my feet.

Now it’s almost 9pm and it’s time to go to bed. You’d think that with all the running around I did, getting the services that I did, I’d be more relaxed. Instead I’m stressing out and need time to unwind beforehand.

Have a great night, everyone. Be kind to yourself!

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  1. naysaysstuff

    Hey goof, you know you can get a free massage practically any night. Just gotta let me know and come out to R & P’s. ;-)

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