On Dogs.

I’ve come to the conclusion, recently, that my apartment building houses a lot of dogs. And I’ve come to the conclusion, recently, that some of the people who own said dogs really shouldn’t because some of the animals who bark really sound like they’re stressin’ the fuck out.

Every now and then I think about getting a dog. I prefer dogs to  cats, though I’ve grown up with both. And I haven’t yet because it’s a financial- and time-suck, and I’d have to plan that out and not devote my life to work and extracurriculars. And because I don’t want to be like my upstairs neighbor, who is currently having this conversation with his dog:

::Dog skittering across the floor, stopping at window, barking::

Neighbor: “No.”

Dog: Bark!

Neighbor: “No.”

Dog: Bark?

Neighbor: “No.”

That’s just too many noes, even for a dog. If you want to tell someone “no” all the time, get a child.

Have a good night, everyone.

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