Oh, The Excitement!

A couple of things have taken place since I last wrote:

1) I am now over 10,000 views on this, my lovely blog. To everyone who has read it in the past 2.25 years that it’s been in existence (but, really, the past 11 months that I’ve worked on it), I thank you.

2) Last night (I assume because I tagged “election”) I got 187 page views in one night. I was aiming to break the previous record (167 last November, a stat I still don’t get… 167 random people decided to visit my blog, which wasn’t really being written in at all at that point? I call shenanigans.) But because of my word choice, I assume I wouldn’t have gotten 187 views otherwise. So the goal is now to break 187 on my own merits. As of this post, we’re at 4 views today, which is a number I’m more used to seeing. It’s small, but respectable.

3) I’ve spent the day with my winter coat on, because I feel I am coming down with something deathly. I am not heeding warnings, however, and am instead going out in an hour to drink and play dodgeball. I haven’t played dodgeball since I was a youngin’ and I wasn’t very good at it (in fact, many people can tell you I’ve never been very good at any sport. So why someone came up with the idea of “adult group sport-league-things” that I might just do is beyond me).

4) And I think, because I agreed to be social tonight (a practice I generally avoid out of unrealistic fears and stupidity), the universe was like, “THROW PEOPLE AT HER!” and for the first time since living here (5 months), I met a neighbor. He lives next door, and has a bike. He has a dog who barks a lot, too. And he was going into his apartment, and I was going into mine, and he was like, “Oh you live next door?” and I wanted to be like, “No, I just break in for fun with keys that work,” but I didn’t.

…And before my sisters ask, no I don’t think he was cute. I shook his hand though, and possibly transferred my sickly germs. A great first offering, no?

Have a good night, everyone.

451 Responses to “Oh, The Excitement!”

  1. brittany

    Ohmygawd I am so predictable….because in fact that is the first thing I thought, but I didn’t stop there. I was all the way at the moving in and sharing the dog before I read the line about exactly me doing exactly this. **chagrin!!!**
    Deepest apologies, lovebug.
    (But maybe u just caught him on an ugly day!!! Give him another shot…he has a dog! How bad can he be? You kind of wanted a dog, right? People have gotten together over less! What if he’s THE ONE and he’s right next door and you judged a book by its cover and….)
    Tee hee. Love u!

  2. S. L.

    And here I was excited when my record daily views was 26. Should have written about the election…

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