Today was a day of new.

I got my hair done. It’s really dark and I love it.

I also got my piano. It’s really dark, too, and I love it, too. The problem is that since I have a vagina I can’t put it together. I tried to do so, and it’s still in pieces. I then had a friend try and come and help me. Although he has a penis, it’s still in pieces. I guess it has nothing to do with body parts. He thinks the piano might be defective and that there is some hardware missing. I don’t think the piano structure is defective.

I’m still thinking I jinxed it by trying to put it together. *shrug*

It looks really pretty though. Even in all of its piece-ful glory.

WordPress is also trying something new with it’s format. I have no idea what’s going on. I just need it to stop.

Have a goodnight, everyone.

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