It’s Late. Must Be Thursday.

In today’s post, Beattie asks:

“Did you have a bad day but dealt effectively with it?” Sure. I had a bag of chips and reese’s pieces.

“Did you practice gratitude or acceptance?” I was much more patient with my mom when I visited her today than I have been as of late. The good: She didn’t call me fat. The bad: She said I could do some “stomach exercises.”

“Did you take a risk, own your power, set a boundary?” I took a nap. I owned sleep!

“Did you take responsibility for yourself in a way that you might not have before?” Tricksy question. In my meeting today, I was confronted with some constructive criticism. One of the complaints about me is that I have friends in the workplace … which, you know, fine – but when I’m a manager, sometimes my friendships cloud my judgment. I accepted this as true, whereas maybe a year ago I would have refused to even listen.

“Did you take time for prayer or meditation?” I prayed to the god of sleep. My prayers were answered.

“Did you trust God?” What the fuck is this, 20 questions?

“Did you let someone do something for you?” Uhhhh. No. Long way off from that one.

So maybe I’m making progress or something that might sort of look like it. Go team!

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