It’s 50 Degrees. Do You Know Where Your Winter Is?

Not that I want to incur the wrath of the weather gods and all, but it seriously is too warm to be the middle of November. And this is why I and a million other people are going to get seriously sick before the year is up.

That is, if the apocalypse doesn’t happen. (There’s a rumor going around. I’m not sure how I feel about it.)

Of course, instead of taking advantage of these glorious days, I’m inside my apartment, writing blogs and other things and sweating my ass off because my heat is on.


… On the flip side, I did the unspeakable and joined a Meetup group. I did it first thing this morning before I was fully awake so that I wouldn’t be fully in control of my actions. But it’s a step to get out of ridiculously warm apartment.

… I think I pay for heat. Damn.

Have a good night, everyone.

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