Is Will Ferrell Funny?… and other thoughts.

My day has been thus far spent sleeping, and waking up, and sleeping some more. I took a break from the sleeping to have lunch with a friend, and to play piano.

I’m pretty sure I’m giving my hands arthritis with all the repetitive playing I’m doing. And when I’m not playing, I’m watching Netflix. It occurs to me that I could be far more productive (I can’t find my primary set of keys, for example), but you know what? I just saw that episode of The Office where it’s Steve Carell’s last episode, and he was crying and I was a little misty-eyed with him and like, YOU NEED RECOVERY TIME FOR THAT, OKAY?

(Sidenote: is Will Ferrell funny? I want to say that he is, and I think I’ve even laughed at him, but it’s resonating somewhere in my brain that he might not be. Elf was good. Right?)

I’m also spending time playing a game called, “What’s Amanda Hallucinating Now?” It’s where I try to determine how feeble I am getting. It usually is played best at night when I am almost asleep and suddenly I will think, “OH MY GOD I’M NOT BREATHING I HAVE DIED,” and then I wake myself up. Today, though, I looked at my leg to see if it was still swollen. I think it is, but the other one might be swollen too, and the left one might be fine. My left foot was still pretty cold though which was annoying. I’m just gonna go back to, “I have diabetes. Please pass the Oreos.”  Also, I’ll just wait for someone with a medical degree to tell me there’s nothing wrong with me other than what goes on in my head…

Keep on keepin’ on, friends.



5 Responses to “Is Will Ferrell Funny?… and other thoughts.”

  1. rebecca2000

    Okay I am glad I am not the only one that thinks that about Will. He is kinda funny sometimes, but not as great as some people think.

  2. Katie

    Is Will Ferrell funny? I think I’ve laughed at him, too. And I’d really like to say that he is, but I have compelling evidence that he is, in fact, NOT:

    1. Stepbrothers
    2. The Land of the Lost

    I think that about says it.

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