Interwebs! You’re Back!

Every person who has ever had internet knows 1) how weird and difficult it is to go without it, and 2) how annoying it is to set it up once you’ve been without it.

I don’t think the WordPress iPhone app is a bad one, perse, but there’s just no beating actual typing – especially if, you’re like me, and you edit… a LOT. Now perhaps, in the interim, had I really missed typing I would have gone and gotten myself a typewriter, but that defeats the purpose of the 8-15 people who read this blog a day (thank you, stats, which lower my self-esteem).

But yes, sadly, being without internet slowly drove me mad. Sure, I could check e-mail, social networking, whatever else I REALLY NEEDED to on my phone. However, all that did was lead me to check my phone every two seconds, worry about signal, become irritated at the things my phone couldn’t do (really no Flash Player, iPhone? really?), etc. etc.

And then, after a mere five days, it landed on Wednesday – the day in which my internet was supposed to be connected again. I was given a time of 5-7p, which – if you’re smart – you know this will never happen. Despite the fact that I am smart, I didn’t listen to my instinct which told me to go ahead and run errands because I would certainly be back in time for the Comcast guy.

Comcast guy didn’t show up until 7:30ish and the setup took a ridiculously long amount of time. Or maybe that was because I had been waiting for so long, I was hungry, I still had my errands to run. In short, I was a crank. To make matters worse, my apartment isn’t really set up yet so I pretty much shoved things where I could to make everything look clean, which left the central space pretty fucking empty. And so there we existed, in almost complete silence save for the testing noises on his end and the iPhone apps on mine.

In short, it was awkward. I just wanted my internet; eventually I got it. And immediately after, I left my house to go get some food.

Because, obviously, the internet was so important to me.

I feel the need to mention here that – for the time being – I don’t have a television. I’m going to see how bad that is (but really, when you have the interwebs, who needs TV?). Onward and upward (and thank God, connected!).

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