I’m Getting Old.

Today’s post was supposed to be about how family members can impede the process of letting go, but I don’t think I quite have that issue, so instead I’d like to talk about this subject:

I’m in my twenties. And my body feels old.

I creak and crack and hurt. It seems like a new thing to me, as if never in my life have I felt sore. I know this isn’t true, but in my mind’s eye I’m pretty sure I’m dragging around like I’m 80.

It could be, as a friend of mine suggested, that (while I AM getting older), I’m pushing my body to do things I never pushed it to do before. And I guess that’s true; after all, I’m exercising on a pretty regular basis. But seriously? Sometimes I wonder if all this OWWWW! is worth it.

Also, it’s like 8pm. On a Saturday. And I’m tired. And would like to go to sleep. WHO DOES THAT? 80-year-olds, that’s who! Am I 80? NOOOOO!

Ok… OK. Maybe I’m getting to be too extreme here. All of this could be due to stress and pressure. Maybe once I get my head clear I’ll feel like a spring chicken again (who uses that term? That’s right: An 80-year-old).

Still, I feel like some goals should be set, in case these newfound sensory perceptions plan to stick around for longer than I’d like them to, so:

-Once I get back from vacation, I will once again eat better. I have a feeling that all the sugar I’ve been ingesting lately is really not doing me any favors.

-I will stretch at least 5 to 10 minutes every day, regardless of whether I’ve run or not. This is probably essential for me anyway, as I was born with muscle problems that continue to plague me.

-I will get new running shoes; this might just be the culprit, but at this time I’m not willing to pay for new ones.

-I will continue to save for retirement, because at 27-turned-80 I really shouldn’t be working anymore.

All this goal-setting is making me slightly nervous, so I’ll end this here. I’m off to lose an hour of sleep – oh, Daylight Savings, how nice of you.

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