I just… don’t get it…

Back home after a long day at work (the work, not so bad – the catch-up, time consuming). I decided to catch up on Netflix (currently really ashamed to admit, but admitting it anyway: Watching “Drop Dead Diva” because I saw it like 3 times on Lifetime when I had cable and it was stupid but I sort of liked it…), and midway through decided I was really hungry (or bored? maybe hungry. probably bored.) so I walked to the store to get junk food.

Sorry to everyone for that last sentence. It was long and rambling. Like my thoughts.

Walgreens was closed (what?) so I went to the liquor store (even better!) and got pointless food and wine (I feel like a loser – and as I explained via text to a friend: “This would be okay if I was with someone. This is not okay by myself.”).

But I’m doing it anyway! Because that’s what I do!

But the whole point of this blog post is what happened at the end of my walk before I got to my door. Two people were out walking their respective dogs. And one woman went into this courtyard with her dog. And the other woman waited outside of the courtyard. So woman 1 said, “Oh, do you live here?” and woman 2 said, “Yes.” and woman 1 said: “Oh, ok. Is your dog friendly?”

Now. Um. I should mention that I rarely make a public appearance without headphones. But I truly think that I was meant to hear this idiotic conversation because I decided to go out without them tonight.

What is woman 2 supposed to say to that? “No, he’s rabid, actually,” “He’s going to bite your face off,” “He’s only nice to people and dogs he likes” ?

I mean, someday I would like a dog, too. And I could understand if we were talking about a dog-child interaction or something. But please, please, if I ever start saying things like that, someone sell my dog to Paris Hilton and make sure she has a big enough purse to carry the animal. At least that way the dog might be pampered and I might be rich.

Have a good night, everyone.


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