I have energy. But it’s a tired kind of energy.

I tend to write these blogs when I’m ready to go to the sleeping time. Currently, my eyes are burning a little, but… since I’ve done this before, I know that if I just keep typing, it’ll go away. (And then, when I’d like to fall asleep, I won’t be able to. C’est la vie.)

In a horrible segue, that’s kinda what Day 23 is about – it is the 23rd, yes? Yes. – that is, feeling that new energy is coming. My first thought: Already? My second thought: What if I don’t want new energy? My third thought: Is it sleeping time now?

But, as Beattie points out, I’m not the same person I was a year ago. According to Twitter, I was commenting on people wearing shorts in the dead of winter. According to Facebook, I was being all lament-y and listening to Jeff Buckley.

Ok. So maybe I *am* the same person I was a year ago. But, not.

Anyway, whatever has brought me to this point also creates a path for times of change. Something that she points out, and that I must admit I am afraid of, is that my future will just be a repeat of my past. But, she says, NO! She says, DON’T LIMIT!

And if I wasn’t terrified ENOUGH, then this pops up: “Be open to the new.”

I just might need some new in my life.

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