I Guess Every Superhero Need His Theme Music

“You got the power to let power go?” – Kanye West

As websites are taking a stand against SOPA and PIPA, it seems like a good time to read today’s topic. Day 18 is about owning power. More specifically, it’s about recognizing when one is self- victimizing, or taking a stand against being victimized by others.

One sentence toward the end resonated with me: “I cannot control outcomes, but I can control my attitude toward being victimized.”

Victim is such a strong word. I read it and I think of crime. Something wrong or otherwise hateful has happened to someone at the hands of other people. But, sometimes, I sabotage myself.

There are people in this world whom I encounter that I absolutely cannot stand. As in, the minute I see them, it just puts me in a foul mood. Yet… whose decision was that? Theirs? Or mine? So, in effect, I’m just sabotaging myself. Recently, I decided not to give attention to it. And you know what I noticed?

Without my automatic negative energy, the people/situations/thoughts that bothered me? They lost power. And while I wasn’t Susie Sunshine… I was just… better.

I can’t promise to remember to do this every day, but it is a step (let’s not expect miracles, friends).

By the way, if I was a superhero, I’d be like Wonder Woman meets Buffy. Undecided about theme music. Probably, in the future, every superhero’s theme will be a different song to fit the occasion or their mood… like a playlist on shuffle.


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