Ho Hum.

I’ve been neglecting Beattie, only because I can’t find the book anymore. My days, lately, have been concerned with G(ing)TFO.

I sorta solved my problem from yesterday, but it’s going to take a lot of money (and time, a whole lot of precious time). The new management said that the current tenants are moving out tomorrow at 1, and I could get my keys at 6p. I couldn’t find a mover in such short notice, so now I’m moving out Saturday.

To stay two extra days in my apartment, I have to pay $62. To use movers, I anticipate $400. Technically, I could ask people I work with for help, but I’m not going to. If I stand around and let the movers do the work, I won’t feel bad. If it’s someone I know, then I feel like I have to cook them dinner, and do most of the work, and pay them $200, and send them gifts for their birthday. You know?

This way, I just have to worry about supplying cold water. It’s expensive, but it’s better for my sanity. Granted, it’s not done yet, but… let’s put some good karma out there, mmkay?

One of my best friend’s wedding is in two weeks and I’ve been eating so shittily I’m afraid I’m not going to fit into my bridesmaids dress. Let’s put some good karma out there for that, too.

Right now, I just feel as if I’m bad at life. Hopefully – though I know it largely depends on me – it gets better from here.

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