Today, I battled a bank and finished laundry ALL before 9am!

Downside: I was late to work. And my cab driver drove a Prius, which doesn’t bode well in mid-morning traffic.

See, the plan was: Well, the plan started last night. I got off my ass to ACTUALLY do things, and discovered I was 50 cents short of doing one load of laundry. After searching high and low, I decided to go to Starbucks early in the morning and buy something that would get me .50 in change. (And in a pat on the back, my change was .54 thankyouverymuch Tall Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate!)

I woke up later than I wanted to, but continued with the plan, and discovered that my shower was acting up again (a couple of weeks ago, there was an issue with the shower pin). And because I am slightly ADD, I forgot about the shower and went to check my bank account. I discovered then that I was charged twice for two separate transactions – one an ATM, the other an iTunes purchase.

So I got on the phone. And it took FOREVER. I only spoke to two people, but you’d think that I was telling them that one million dollars was missing from my account or something (…hm. Would that work?). But by the time I had that straightened out (they credited the ATM, but I have to dispute the double iTunes thing with Apple… joy), I was already late, my clothes were still in the dryer and I still had to take a shower.

I called the management company later in the day and of course the shower was fine (seriously, though, if it works when I get home, I’m just gonna turn it on and sit in it and cry. Clothes and everything. Societal norms be damned).

I met a friend for dinner and it was very normal and awesome. I think it was the best possible way to close out an otherwise chaotic day.

Have a good night, everyone.

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