… and submitted.

Well, I did it. I submitted something to an online lit magazine called The Cobalt Review. You never know until you try, so… I’m trying.

I spoke to my brother tonight about writing; he’s published various sci-fi/fantasy stories, and I wanted his advice. He said not to worry so much about publishing; every time I write a blog post I get published (I’m my own publisher! WHOA!… I mean, ahem. Thanks, WordPress.) He said to just continuously work on writing. So, that’s where I’m at.

I think it’s working because I just spent the past hour refining that submission and now my stomach is trying to eat itself. New weight loss trick: spend all your time writing, and less time eating.

Now I need to eat before I die.

Have a good night, everyone.

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  1. indytony

    I agree that blogging is an important avenue for writers. Still, it’s good to submit your work now and then for print or on-line presses. You never know where it might lead.

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