All we are we are.

This is pretty much a procrastination post. I should be in bed right now, as I have a race tomorrow morning.

Here’s the lesson for today: Beattie says to remember that you have a right to be here. You’re not less than, or more than. You are who you are.

I think, if I constantly reminded myself of that, I’d possibly be more assured. I wouldn’t want to use it as some excuse though: “That’s just how I am!” …because, well, people are capable of changing (unless you’re a serial killer. Then I don’t know about you. Sorry?).

Also, I was reminded today – in no uncertain terms – that when it comes to conflict, men are SO MUCH EASIER than women. And I think the reason why I have much better relationships with men friend-wise is because they are no bullshit. I’ve always felt more comfortable around guys. I know that I’m a woman, and – believe me – I have my moments, but Jesus Christ, women can be stupid and petty.

So ladies… um…. stop that, okay?

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