Where are you, Christmas?

I know Christmas is a week away and all but I’m not feeling the Christmas-spirit at all.

Maybe it’s the lack of snow and the oscillating temps between 25 and 70. I know people bitch about the snow, and I generally get sick of it after a while, but that first snow? The one that’s like, “ooh, pretty; now go away before everything gets ugly”? I want that.

Maybe it’s because I did a ton of online shopping/gift-card buying this year instead of battling crowds and dragging 6 bags down the street while running to catch a bus?

Maybe it’s because I didn’t decorate my apartment? (I’ve never actually decorated, but maybe it’s what’s making this year seem so dismal).

Maybe it’s because the world is ending on Friday and no one has to give a fuck about Christmas, because Christmas is cancelled until further notice.

Maybe it’s because my dad’s side is Jewish and I’ve never celebrated those holidays much either, so unbeknownst to me, my inner-holiday-self is battling it out.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t baked at all. Which is a tragedy.

Maybe it’s because I’ve lost motivation to do pretty much everything and my body is screaming at me  TO DO SOMETHING and my mom’s gonna be like, “OK PICTURES IN FRONT OF THE TREE!” and I’m gonna try to hide behind it… or behind my brother. My brother’s tall.

Ho, ho, hmm.




1,449 Responses to “Where are you, Christmas?”

  1. floydsmithjrandtheattitude

    Put on some classic Christmas music, it always works for me. I drive a truck, highway and local. I haven`t seen alot of Christmas decorations out. It`s kinda of sad but I`m gonna hold on to it even if noone else does…..”Merry Christmas”

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