Pizza and perception.

I spent a lot of time with my cousin today; she was actually scheduled to go back to Florida today – and at the last minute, changed her flight to Saturday.

We ate breakfast, and separated for the afternoon. I went to a doctor’s appointment for my swollen leg, and upon deciding that there was no reason to check for a blood clot for what would be the third time, my doctor wrote me a referral for a lymphedema specialist, a physical therapist who specializes in swelling. I also found out that my blood pressure was a bit high (149/97, but I think it was a fluke – the doctor didn’t even mention it) and that my suspicions about being fat were confirmed (I’m officially 147.7 pounds, folks).

After that, I went to music lessons, and by the time I came home, my cousin was lugging two bags full of thrift store finds through the door. Somehow, this made us want to go to Target where she bought socks and tights and I bought clothes, because in the past week or so (probably with the weather changes), I’ve noticed I really don’t have a lot of clothes.

I spent $150 there. My wallet is crying. The rest of me is cool. I just hope I don’t get any fatter.

Speaking of that, we then went to dinner where we got healthy food known as stuffed cheese pizza. And after that, I got ice cream. But during, we talked about a whole bunch of things: acceptance of self, social anxieties, relationship woes… She said she thought I was pretty cool because I’m quiet and calm. I guess I can be. Her point was not to worry about perception so much, because often, the perception is not true.

I need to stretch. I’m still pretty sore. That’s one perception I’m not wrong about.

Have a good night, everyone.

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  1. brittany

    when we met with the spiritual healer, he said that i’m meddlesome because i worry so much about what other people are thinking and feeling. upon further reflection, it’s almost laughable to think we can control others’ perceptions of us….what really matters, i think, is your own true self and how YOU perceive yourself. and after even more reflection, i think what it really boils down to is a control issue. and that’s a waste of time. so here’s the nug: don’t worry about perception, just be aware and observant of it. be a good person, do good things, engage in what makes you feel good, and don’t harm others. this is my wisdom for the day.

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