Christmas Time Is HERE, TODAY, NOW!!!!

Back in the city after two whirlwind days of holiday and family.  My dad and brother both came down with something, so that was kind of a bummer but all-in-all it was super chill and relaxing.

I have enough starbucks gift cards to last me a week, new candles, slippers and a robe, and my awesome family chipped in to help me buy a new keyboard. I have to choose one, but that’s uber exciting.

I saw my mom today, too, and spent a little time with her. I think she was bummed because she was afraid she wasn’t going to see me today, but I got back in time. Christmas miracles never cease. :)

I even came back to snow! Now it’s time to resume life as normal, so I have wheat thins to eat and Netflix to watch before I go to bed.

Have a good night, everyone.

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