Time for A Cool Change

A couple have things have been put into perspective for me since yesterday (my, how time flies).

Perhaps the biggest thing is that I quit my writing job – maybe not forever, but for right now. I’ve been struggling there for months with bouts of writer’s block and plain ol’ bad writing. I made money sometimes, and other times got paid in experience or free shows. But the bottom line is that I was no longer proud of the work I was doing – and for that, it was time to say goodbye.

I had a speed workout tonight – one that I absolutely thought about skipping. Because it rained on Tuesday and I was busy all day, I skipped that workout; at the very last minute, I decided to get ready and go to the one tonight. I was glad I did because one of my old running besties was there and we got to catch up. For so long in my current training, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and out of place, and just having someone there to run with and support was a really nice occurrence. I took it slow, because I’m technically running on an injury, but it worked out perfectly. I knew I wasn’t going to push it – I wasn’t going to make myself miserable by struggling – so I just had fun instead.

I’m still continuing to work on the inside of me as well as the outside. My dad has once again suggested I take up yoga – for physical as well as spiritual benefits. That’s an option. I could also take mushrooms and have a psychotic breakdown. Maybe that’d help me lose weight…

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