Run, Nap, Sit.

Run, nap, sit on Sundays is basically like my version of Gym, Tan, Laundry as made popular by the horrendous show Jersey Shore (sidenote: I am not ashamed to admit that I watched this show with relish, until they went to Italy and I had enough Snooki-meltdowns to last me a lifetime).

Today I ran 14 miles. I tried out a compression wrap, which worked better in the beginning of the run than at the end, and gave me a rash. Cool! Except not.

As is becoming my ritual, I walked my sweaty self to Starbucks before heading home, and got breakfast. I could barely move as I walked home; as a matter of fact, I’m surprised I’m not still out there. I took a shower almost immediately (sidenote: I know people who don’t shower immediately, and it fills me with dread), ate breakfast, but when I tried to sleep – of course I couldn’t. I didn’t want to do anything else, though; walking – even standing – felt like the oddest sensation.

I drifted off to sleep probably about an hour later, forgetting that my contacts were still in, and in my exhausted state I missed texts, phone calls, and Facebook notifications. I wouldn’t have cared so much had one of those texts not been an invitation to go out for pizza with a friend who was in town for a couple of hours. I love pizza, and I miss that kid. And I missed all of it.

On second thought – it’s probably better I didn’t go. I was so ravenous at that point I would have eaten the whole thing without sharing.

I also missed a phone call from my mom, who’s in a slightly crazy state at this point (she’s manic depressive)… but sometimes when she gets really crazy she gets psychic, too. She’ll leave me voicemails saying things like, “You really should get your apartment together” (HOW DOES SHE KNOW?!). During her more manic times, she always wants me to read the Bible and go to church too. Yesterday, she asked me to go to church with her and I declined, saying that I was running in the morning. She, annoyed, said, “You don’t run all day, Amanda.” (LITTLE DOES SHE KNOW!)

After my nap, I debated doing things like laundry, eating, and cleaning. But really all I ended up doing was walking back and forth testing out being on my feet. I decided I didn’t like it, and did a lot of sitting down instead. I did manage to make a meal, though (little victories, etc. etc.).

Have a good night, everyone.

1,357 Responses to “Run, Nap, Sit.”

  1. Liz

    After my half marathon I was in a zombie state until about 5pm. Then I was fine. But considering you ran more than that, you have all day to work that off. :)

  2. amanda

    It’s true. I have to go to bed soon but I’m icing the leg and I made sure to (well, attempted to) roll out with my foam roller. It’s a luxurious life. :)