Post-Workout Margaritas.

My day started out with some dude running full lightning speed at me in the middle of the street at 5am. I don’t claim to be the most observant person – and if I ever do, something is horribly wrong – but I generally look both ways before crossing the street and this guy appeared outta nowhere.

We looked at each other, sort of deer-in-the-headlights, where I was the deer and he was the headlights, and then he ran around me.

I was more rattled than I should have been, stopped for my usual coffee on the way to work, ended up buying donuts for myself and my co-workers, and ate 4 of those.

Why? Because I was hungry. And the surplus of food I have (fruit, mostly) mere feet away from me would have been way too easy to get.

After working a normal 8 hour day, I came home, and immediately opted for a nap. I woke up from this nap surprised to find that I was three minutes away from the time I normally leave for my Thursday workout. I briefly contemplated skipping, but then i thought about the calendar I have up at work, and how I’d already missed one workout this week, and how the world would end if I didn’t show up.

So I got ready as quickly as I could, and did the workout. It was a Fartlek workout, which is not my favorite, but I get it – as with all things, there are benefits to pushing yourself (unless, of course, you are keen on your heroin addiction. DO NOT PUSH THAT.).  Afterward, I got the reward of having a couple of margaritas with some fellow running friends.

Margaritas have salt, typically, which replenishes your electrolytes which is good for you, obviously. The last one I had was super strong, but I feel ok. Though, to be fair, on my walk home I did look up at the sky, saw an airplane flying to O’Hare and thought, “HA! I’LL GET HOME FASTER THAN YOU!”

And that is why I need to go to sleep.

Have a good night, everyone.

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