Like a Taylor Swift Song.

I had more running problems this morning. I got about a mile into a 10-mile run before my I wanted to chop my leg off and beat myself with it.

Here’s the thing: I… do not like running. I really am not the physical exercise type. If I could lose weight, or be active by doing nothing at all, I would. Running has its benefits; I’ve had some really great times with it, BUT all these pain-in-the-ass leg problems need to go away.

I have stretched. I have rolled. I have sticked. I have yoga-ed, pilate-d, massaged. My leg sucks.

And if it keeps up, I’m not sure I want to continue running. In fact, I may have to sing-speak to it, “We are never getting back together. Like, ever.”

And I know: I have a marathon in 4 weeks. And this is probably just sadness taking its toll. And I’ll pull it together.

My sister suggested that I go see an orthotic specialist… so I guess that’s my next move.

Actually, my next move is to say “FUCK!” a lot, hope that all of this comes together in a good way, and to keep up with my workouts, and my stretching, and etc. etc. etc.

Have a good night, everyone.

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