Just make it go away, now.

“If you don’t cut your losses before you get lost, they’re never gonna leave you alone.” – What Made Milwaukee Famous

Some of this may be a repeat of the last few blog posts, so for that I apologize in advance. This entire week has been a whirlwind, it seems.

My leg (good ol’ lefty!) is acting up again – so much so that I’m considering stopping running altogether for a while and focusing on solely strength exercises. ┬áThe bummer is that I already paid for training and the Austin half. But what good is it to be running/exercising in pain all the fucking time?

Of course I’d feel guilty – I already do. I tried to take it easy this week, taking care to stretch a bit here and there. I missed my group workout Thursday because my sister was in town. Went to kickboxing today, with the intention of seeing how the leg held up and going to run afterward. Three minutes into warmup and my leg tightened up like crazy. It felt like my muscle was going to snap. It was awful.

And I don’t know if I need to see a PT again, or if I need to see a CP specialist or what. But I’m a bit frustrated, would rather be a lot lazy, would rather just have it go away so I have no excuse to be lazy, etc. etc.

Strength exercises seem like a good idea. Right?

I’ll see how it feels on Sunday. I know whatever exercise I do is good for me, but maybe – for the time being – I need to pick another sport.


Have a good night, everyone.

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