It’s Past My Bedtime.

Hey there.

I’ve reverted to my phone because I’m having a late dinner at a restaurant. That’s right, folks, I’m the antisocial at the table.

It’s all in the name of blogging, though, so I think it’s ok.

I’ve had the strangest day: At work I got a couple of crazy phone calls (“I’m at a park and I had to LEAVE because one of your trucks is idling!” “That’s actually our refrigeration unit, ma’am. It needs to be on.” “Well, I really think you should consider greener options. So that people can sit in parks!” yup. Right on that.)

I got home only to leave again, and go running. As I was leaving, I knew I had to amp up the motivation so I sang a song to myself. It’s called, “you can fucking do it,” and it goes like this: “you can fucking dooooo it, you. Can fucking do it.”

Well, whatever. It worked. I ran. Achieved a pace I didn’t know I had in me, thanks to an encouraging run partner. Toward the end I was in pain, but I did it.

Afterward, went to a discussion featuring Chris McDougall and Scott Jurek, authors and ultrarunners. They sold out of books, so I have a couple new purchases coming my way.

I should stop being antisocial, I guess. Have a good night, everyone!

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