I Have A Cankle and Other Stories.

Ok, maybe not stories. Just maybe little tidbits related to this one BIG BIT OF NEWS.

All day today, I’ve been feeling like shit. Actually, I’ve been feeling insurmountably tired for the past couple of days, and today, it really got to me. I spent 5 hours of an eight point five hour workday saying, “I don’t feel good,” and the other 3.5 hours thinking, “I really don’t feel good.”

Of course, there are always things to do: Today, for example, I left work, got keys made, bought things for my office, came back home intending to take a nap before my workout, and then decided to take a break from the workout.

The sucky thing: I haven’t done a Thursday night workout in three weeks.

The good thing: At the time, I was sweating bullets, and decided it was maybe not such a good thing to run 4 miles.

I ate dinner, and decided to soak in an epsom salt bath (careful not to exceed 20-30 minutes, as I’ve heard that results in zombie-like behavior or something). I figured this would help me relax – my muscles have been really tight since my run, anyway – and maybe shake off whatever this cold might be.

When I stepped out of the bath, I noticed that my swollen leg was particularly swollen… AND THAT MY ANKLE WAS A CANKLE!

… Ok, but like, seriously, world? How… does a cankle help this situation? My leg’s already swollen, I’m totally exhausted, I need to go to sleep and wake up a better person in the morning AND YOU GIVE ME A CANKLE?

How is there any justice?

Sigh. I need to go to bed. I can’t wait til next Tuesday when this lymphedema specialist helps move the fluid from my leg… hopefully my ankle will be less swollen too.

Have a good night, everyone.

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  1. brittany

    Oh, manda, how I love u and ur cankles! Speaking of which, ava had to do punctuation work in school similar to the above but she left off the exclamation point and her teacher didn’t mark it incorrect. Made me so sad! That’s how I feel about those cankles. Synergies abound.

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