Carbs, Day Two… and some really good other things.

Today was set to be a stressful day. I was short-handed at work, the replacement hire I found to start next week is no longer because she had some schedule conflicts, I only had one bottle of water (I think), etc. etc.

Nevertheless, I tried to keep my wits about me and maintained a constant intake of carbs. For breakfast it was a bagel. Afternoon snack: an apple. Lunch: a baked potato. Dinner: pad thai. I had some people come and congratulate me on even attempting to run the marathon. I had some people who wished me good luck. I had some people who said, “Just don’t shit your pants.”

The good news is that I am not officially carbed-out yet. And just as I thought today was going to be awful, two awesome things happened to me (TO ME!) and they were accidental and sweet and pretty much amazing.

1) At the Expo, I went to get energy gels and blocks. I only had a debit card on me, but just as the volunteer was going to ring up my purchase, something happened with her computer. After about 10 minutes of trying to figure it out, she turned to me.

“It’s ok,” I said. “I can go get cash from the ATM and come back.”

Now, I fully expected her to agree with me and that would be that. What I did NOT expect was what she said, which was: “Thanks for being so patient. These are on the house.”

I was BEYOND appreciative. I mean, WHO DOES THAT?

2) After I left the Expo, I took a cab back north to meet a friend for dinner. I gave the cabbie the approximate address, but when we pulled up to the address I had given, I knew it wasn’t right. I paid the fare and before I got out, asked where exactly I would go to get to the restaurant. It turns out that we were in the wrong spot, and the cabbie drove me to the correct place without charging me extra.


I had a really good dinner and a mini-freakout session with my friend, who talked race strategy with me and bought me Woodchuck apple cider. All in all, what started gloomy has turned into a cozy, comfortable day.

… except I had to walk past a cemetery in the dark on the way home. THAT was creepy.


Have a good night, everyone.

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