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Triple Good

Today, my piano got set up! And it is beautiful! And I played it! And it’s beautiful! Today, I emptied out a bin of dishes that has been sitting in the kitchen since I moved in! And they’re in the dishwasher! And then I can put them away so that they’re not in a bin anymore wrapped in newspaper! And today, I also decided to make a list of intentions to take care of myself. I haven’t been feeling great, and exercise makes me sad, and not exercising makes me sadder. I’m not entirely wallowing, but I’m… mini-wallowing. So I’m… I’m not done yet.

Little Boxes Made of Ticky-Tacky.

I was talking to someone yesterday about how sometimes I let my crazies get the best of me. For example, I said, sometimes I won’t sing inside my apartment because I get afraid someone will hear and not like what they hear. So the suggestion I got was, naturally, to sing. “No,” I said. “I don’t want to.” And it was true, I didn’t want to. Being put on the spot like that is terrifying. “Why not?” they said. “Sing.” “Uh. I’m not going to.” After much similar debate, we somehow got to the conclusion that I like to put… I’m not done yet.

up and up.

“Well, I looked my demons in the eyes, laid bare my chest, said, ‘Do your best, destroy me. You see, I’ve been to hell and back so many times, I must admit you kind of bore me.’” – Ray LaMontagne I’m starting December off on a good note. As mentioned, I saw that guy last night in concert. It was amazing – and though I went by myself – I didn’t feel weird (well, once the music started, anyway… fate would have it that I was in the very last row in the theatre by the wall, sandwiched in between… I’m not done yet.

Warm December Days.

Headed downtown to see Ray LaMontagne. It’s 60 degrees. It’s December. Work was super long, and I am hoping that sharing space with a bunch of people who also enjoy large acoustic settings will calm me down. Alcohol may help too. *shrug* Have a good night, everyone.

Some Nights Sounds Like The Lion King.

Wow. Serious case of writer’s block going on right now. And I have “Some Nights” by Fun. stuck in my head. In case you were wondering what that looks like in type, here you go: sdlksddslks lksdlk lksdsk lsfdlkksdlk klsdfl lsdlksdsdklsddssdsd You’re welcome. Maybe I’ll try this again tomorrow (it’s like a “thing”) and see if I can come up with … well, anything. Have a good night, everyone.