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Swearing Consecutively: An Almost Year of Blogging.

Many days ago, I vowed to write in this blog (read: journal-ly thing for 20-somethings). I did, for the most part… there were a couple of days I unintentionally skipped. It turns out that, although you want things to happen in a given year … well, sometimes they don’t. And that’s okay. I think the number one remark I got from people on this was, “You’re so funny!” (I like that, and I’ll continue to be.) I think the number two remark was, “I don’t think you swear too much.” (Shut the fuck up, bitches.) At about the middle of… I’m not done yet.

life is like a takeout container.

It’s the day before New Years Eve, and of course I’m getting a bit antsy about what the new year will bring. Like, let me put this in a way I will understand: Let’s say you always have spaghetti on Tuesdays. Are you gonna switch things up and make it Chinese? OR will you introduce a buffet option? Realistically, I don’t know what the fuck I’m gonna do. I just know food’s gonna be involved. Just putting that out there. Have a good night, everyone.


Have really great stories about getting locked out and other mishaps, which I would say if I wasn’t so tired. Night.

Sing it with me, now.

It’s the end of the world (but not really) as we know it, and I feel fine. Well, that’s not entirely true. After my workout yesterday, plus kickboxing today, my abs hurt like a bitch. But that’s okay, because there’s still enough fat to cushion them. Goal in 2013: stop being a lazy motherfucker. Another goal in 2013: stop using sentences that contain cushioning fat. Have a good night, everyone. Be safe if you’re partying til the end of the world!