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I don’t even know what this is about.

“Between two lungs, it was released. The breath that captured me. The sigh that blew me forward.” – Florence + The Machine Apparently it’s been a while. Like all things related to me, this blog has suffered due to my inability to see things through to completion. I always have good ideas (really. always.) but it’s hard for me to follow through on them.  Then again, a somewhat daily record of the who-what-where-when-why is never really complete, I guess. It just keeps going, like the Energizer bunny. Or reality TV. But I don’t watch TV. So what have I been… I’m not done yet.

Excuse me, sir. I don’t think you’re rawking out hard enough.

Oh, musicians. Sometimes I just don’t know what to do with you. I’m a bit confused, because while you might call me a stay-at-home musician, I practice too. I write and I sing and I play and I’m fairly decent – I just have terrible stage fright (with the exception of Fall 2008, when I had a brief resurgence in wanting to carve out a music career, I haven’t played out in years [and singing at my sister’s wedding doesn’t count]). But I’m already off my point. Enough about me, because this is about you (ok, ok, more about me,… I’m not done yet.

My love/hate relationship with running. But mostly hate.

Someone once said, “Pain is temporary, pride lasts forever.” I’m not sure who it was, but if they were alive, I’d very much like to speak with them. Yeah, unknown person, I GET that pain is temporary, but did you also know that pain is painful? Well, let me tell you, it really, really is. Especially if you’re me. Me, who doesn’t do the exercise thing all that well. For a while, it seemed as if I was making a breakthrough (owed, in part, to a fitness fiend friend, Jason, who was on my ass about exercising almost every day)… I’m not done yet.