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Nyquil Coma.

Dear friends,   I’ve gotten my first cold of 2013. Normally, I’m better than this. I blame the insane Chicago weather. (60 yesterday. 40 degrees this morning, then rain, now snow.) I started feeling awful last night, went to bed early, woke up with a sore throat, and got worse throughout the day. I went to the store to get Nyquil, but I forgot to get tea bags. I think I will attempt heating up Gatorade. It’s got electrolytes in it. I don’t really know what I’m saying. I could also boil water and put cayenne pepper in it, but… I’m not done yet.

So this is how it starts.

I’m slightly ashamed to admit that I have spent about six hours on a site called Thrive Forward. It’s the brainchild of Brendan Brazier, an ultra-athlete and author from Canada (he’s like Jillian Michaels… but with a penis and less menacing), and on it he posts videos of himself walking through farmers markets, running on sandy beaches, and doing various weight training … all while talking about nutrition. I follow Jenny Hadfield (who runners know as Coach Jenny) on Twitter, and she posted a link to this site the other day. The video was about clean eating, and it was… I’m not done yet.

Hellllloooooo? I’m a caaaaaaaaarrrrrr?

Just heard an awful car alarm go off for three minutes. It sounded normal, then dipped into a minor key, then sounded like its battery was dying, then sounded normal again. I want those three minutes of my life back. Alas. Having a strange day today. Someone left me a quote by Paulo Cohelo which made me smile so wide my cheeks hurt, and LivingSocial had an $18 deal for a speed-dating event which (naturally) I had to look up… … I almost fell out of my chair, laughing. They had events for all kinds, but pretty much assumed you… I’m not done yet.

Sweet 16.

On the train back to Chicago after spending the night in Indernana. My baby sister turned 16 today. I wonder why they call it sweet 16. I think every girl is “TOTES EXCITED” to turn this age, but looking back at it, I’m not sure why. When you’re 16, everything’s a big deal. I was trying to remember 16. I wasn’t allowed to date until I was this age; the guy I was into for two months prior to my birthday officially asked me out on my birthday during lunch. Two months later, he’d make out with some chick at… I’m not done yet.

… and submitted.

Well, I did it. I submitted something to an online lit magazine called The Cobalt Review. You never know until you try, so… I’m trying. I spoke to my brother tonight about writing; he’s published various sci-fi/fantasy stories, and I wanted his advice. He said not to worry so much about publishing; every time I write a blog post I get published (I’m my own publisher! WHOA!… I mean, ahem. Thanks, WordPress.) He said to just continuously work on writing. So, that’s where I’m at. I think it’s working because I just spent the past hour refining that submission and… I’m not done yet.